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General Information and Uses

Site Covering & Containment


Monarflex Super T-Plus and Super T-Plus Flamesafe Scaffold Sheeting Systems are easy to install, exceptionally durable, and reusable.  The systems are available in a variety of roll widths and lengths, with grommet patterns engineered to meet industry standard scaffolding configurations for:


  • Building construction and renovation.
  • Bridge construction and repair.
  • Ship building and repair.
  • Water tower construction and repair.
  • Demolition sites.
  • Environmental projects.


In addition to their obvious functionality, Monarflex scaffold sheeting products can turn site covering into a promotional opportunity for contractors and building owners.  Super T-Plus and Super T-Plus Flamesafe products can be customized with a company logo or advertising message.  The logo is printed onto a white film that is laminated to the sheeting material for a bold, high impact way to advertise.




Federal, state, and local regulations regarding site containment are becoming increasingly restrictive.  Monarflex Scaffold Sheeting Systems allow you to meet containment requirements for dust, debris, and overspray.  The strength of Super T-Plus makes it ideal for sites where sandblasting or water jetting are required.  Monarflex Super T-Plus Flamesafe offers protection for jobsites with high-risk areas.  Flamesafe Scaffold Sheeting incorporates a unique flame retardant formulation in the blown film that minimizes the risk of fire propagation.


Weather Protection


Your projects have to be completed on time and on budget.  You can’t afford to let the weather slow you down, and you can’t waste precious time repqiring inferior scaffold sheeting.  Super T-Plus and Super T-Plus Flamesafe are reinforced with a polyester grid, which allows the products to withstand high winds and other environmental abuse.  Monarflex sheeting products incorporate a UV protection additive that allows the materials to resist breakdown, enhancing durability and making reuse possible.

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