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Super T-Plus Clear

Site Covering & Containment


Monarflex Super T-Plus reinforced scaffold sheeting is attached to scaffolding framework to provide protection for job sites.  Monarflex Super T-Plus scaffold sheeting provides weather protection, jobsite material containment, debris containment for improved safety, and work site perimeter enclosure.




  • Provides jobsite material containment.
  • Surrounds storage areas.
  • Encloses site and work areas at perimeter.
  • Protects public from jobsite debris.


Super T-Plus Clear
Sizes 7’4” x 137’ #M1003
13’ x 157’ #M1002
Weight 54 lb
104 lb
Film Material Supertough LDPE
Thickness 8 mil
Flame Retardant No
Color Clear
Light Transmission 85%
Usage British Aerospace Wind Tunnel Test
High Wind
Minimum Number of Attachments 160
Reinforcement High Tenacity Polyester
Yarn 1670 Dtex
Tensile Strength* MD 8571 psi 70 lb/inch
TD 9988 psi 80 lb/inch
ASTM D 882
Tear Strength 60 lb/force
Eyelet Pullout Strength 190 lb/force
Thermal Stability -40°F to 140°F
* MD = Machine Direction       TD = Transverse Direction

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