Super T-Plus Flamesafe

Site Covering & Containment


Monarflex Super T-Plus Flamesafe is a reinforced flame-retardant scaffold sheeting attached to scaffolding framework to provide site protection.  Designed for use at high risk construction sites, Monarflex Super T-Plus Flamesafe provides jobsite material containment and weather protection with the added benefit of no flame propagation in the event of fire.  It also provides enclosure for storage areas and the worksite perimeter, and debris containment for improved safety.


  • Prevents flame propagation; is self-extinguishing.
  • Provides jobsite material containment.
  • Surrounds storage areas.
  • Encloses site and work areas at perimeter.
  • Protects public from jobsite debris.


Super T-Plus Clear
Sizes 7’4” x 137’ #M1001
13’ x 157’ #M1000
Weight 54 lb
104 lb
Film Material Supertough LDPE
Thickness 8 mil
Flame Retardant Yes; NFPA 701
Boston Flame Test
Color Cream
Light Transmission 70%
Usage British Aerospace Wind Tunnel Test
High Wind and Fire Risk
Minimum Number of Attachments 160
Reinforcement High Tenacity Polyester
Yarn 1670 Dtex
Tensile Strength* MD 8571 psi 70 lb/inch
TD 9988 psi 80 lb/inch
ASTM D 882
Tear Strength 53 lb/force
Eyelet Pullout Strength 208 lb/force
Thermal Stability -40°F to 140°F
* MD = Machine Direction       TD = Transverse Direction

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